We use web.py’s performance to find out how to optimize the performance.


Recently, I want to do something python, and I have chosen web.py as the streamlined framework. But doing some performance tests is not very meaningful.
最简单的hello world程序,试过flup + spawn-fcgi + nginx,也试过uwsgi + nginx,但性能上实在觉得不太行。用ab压,3k-5k的qps,同样的机器,php 跑 nginx + fastcgi模式简简单单就跑到10k+了。
PS: The machine is a low-cost server with 8G memory and 16 stone.
What is in doubt now is that I don’t know what optimization can be done. Include a framework layer or a python language layer. Such things as php’s eaccelerator.
Ask for advice.

@iammutex is big, you can change gevent to run fcgi, but try it with web.py Library …