Flask login ‘function’ object has no attribute ‘is_active’


I encountered this error when using the flask (web framework) framework as the login module.
AttributeError: ‘User’ object has no attribute ‘is_active’

Relevant code segment:

@auth.route('/login', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
 def login():
 form = LoginForm()
 if form.validate_on_submit():
 user = User.query.filter_by(email=form.email.data).first()
 if user is not None and user.verify_password(form.password.data):
 login_user(user, form.remember_me.data)
 return redirect(request.args.get('next') or url_for('main.index'))
 flash('Invalid username or password.')
 return render_template('auth/login.html', form=form)

I don’t know what’s wrong, who can help me look at it?

There is no is_active in the database model of User, your user, no inheritance, UserMixin,
Two methods,
One is written by yourself, the other is inherited from him.