How to go from knowing grammar to really knowing how to write programs?


Self-taught programming.
I have studied C Jiajia and VB before, and only know grammar.
Now learn python more deeply.
Read byte of python, dive into python3, python Core Programming, Official tutorial, head first python, etc.
Now I’m looking at djangobook, and basically I can also make websites.
There is a puzzle, that is, it is very difficult for me to surmount the obstacle from grammar to writing programs.
How should that idea be cultivated?
The software we usually see is a big project, but the code we write is very small. If I want to write a big project, I don’t know where to start.
I feel that it is easier to operate a website like django’s, because basically what needs to be done is determined according to needs.
According to my situation, how should I learn? What books do you have to recommend?
I hope to cultivate that kind of thinking and then improve python’s skills as well. (python3)

In fact, it is similar to English. When you learn English, the teacher does not only teach grammar, right? Even grammar may not be the most important part, right

In class, more time is spent on “texts” than grammar, right (classical codes). You need to memorize “word phrases” (familiar with common class libraries), do “reading comprehension” (look at other people’s codes), and finally “translate” and “write composition” (transplant or write some items yourself) and “debug”.

Far from it, in short it is to roll up one’s sleeves and write a program. In fact, it may be difficult for me to give you any advice, because my own way of mastering the programming language may be completely different from that of many people (including at least you). I never read it, especially at the beginning stage, I never read language-related books. The first time I bought a language-related book was Butterfly Book, but after reading it, I found that I had learned almost nothing: I already know all the contents of Butterfly Book inside! Ya just tidied it up.

Roll up your sleeves and start writing the program. If you make a mistake, fix it and see how others write the program. After three months, take a good look at how ugly your program was three months ago. Check documents, search Google, then get familiar with it slowly and make progress slowly. This is my way of learning programming.

Like me, not reading books and learning languages may be a bad habit. However, it is definitely a worse habit to rely too much on books and read one after another without practice. Therefore, the advice given to you is ten millionStop readingNow, you are not allowed to read a single line. write the program quickly. you think you don’t know where to start writing big projects because you didn’t start writing at all!