What is the difference between pip installation and local Setuptools installation?


Hello, everyone, I am a Python beginner. If some of my weak points are exposed, please watch carefully

Beginners Python, trying to develop a small project to contact, the project is hosted inHere

Background introduction

The project is based on Python 3.5. The development and testing platform is Win 10 x64.

I quoted it in my projectdata.jsonSuch a data file, I am insetup.pyThe following settings have been added:


And atMANIFEST.inThe document indicatesinclude chineseregion data.json

The above is background and environmental information.

Problems arising

  • Execute directly in the directorypython setup.py installAnd execution on the command line can get correct feedback and output

  • If you install using pip, you will be prompted that it cannot be found.data.json

Information you want to know

  • What is my mistake?

  • The correct posture for referencing resources within the project

Thank you in advance for your answers, thank you!


There should be no difference between pip installation and local installation. The successful installation in the local area may only be that your local folder inside already has the json.