A small game developed based on WeChat OAuth2.0 has limited the ability to open only in WeChat’s built-in browser. How can I see the source code?


This is a Moon cake betting game pushed by over the rainbow. Moon cake betting is very popular in Fujian. Almost every enterprise will be in Moon cake betting during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
We also want to do the same game like this, but we have to download the code first, but we have a problem.
The link is this:
However, it is restricted to open only in WeChat browser.
And even can’t open the mobile phone browser, will prompt this:
I tried to fake a browser to open this web page,

However, it is still not possible. The tips are as follows:


I really can’t help it, to help you great god ~ ~
Who can help me download this code?

https://wx.qq.com/On this, sweep your micro signal, copy the link to Micro letter and open it to see the source code
I now go in and see the code for the end of the activity. …..

If you want to use chrome developer tools to simulate a mobile phone client such as iphone, you will have oauth authorization to enter it. After passing through, you can simulate watching a web page.

-gorgeous dividing line-
Since some children’s shoes still don’t understand, let’s have a final version of the tutorial and look at the picture.
If prompted, please open it in WeChat client and try to copy it to the chat bar several times, or enter the original URL in the browser:
You will get a URL of oauth webpage, copy it to inside, the chat bar in Micro letter, open it in WeChat chat, and try several times until the following webpage pops up.
This is the first time the authorization will appear, and it will not appear again after the authorization is approved.

I’ve got the code down, if you need it, please download it at:

PS: I found that the JS of this Moon cake betting website can be accessed by URL, and the webmaster is also too amateur
It seems that I bought some service called “Micro portal” written on official account on a social networking platform
JS directory is here:http://wx.tianhong.cn/js
The catalogue of various small functions is here.http://wx.tianhong.cn/res/
There are also scraping cards and the like.
Can see directly said ….
Am I too bad

To give you the ultimate version of the big killer tutorial:http://gaoboy.com/article/26.htmlThis should be able to meet any demand. ….