About the development process of PHP project team.

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I would like to ask 3-4 people in a small team if they control the version development process of the project. development-> submit version ->beta- > official version. if effective control is carried out, is there a better development process besides svn version control and what open source software can be used?

Is there an effective PHP continuous integration development process?

Common open source software is as follows:

  • Product, project management, bug tracking zentao
  • Document dokuwiki apigen phpdocument
  • Version control svn
  • Unit test phpunit simpletest
  • Deployment and continuous integration of phing xinc
  • Idnetbeans eclipse plus pdt

In terms of development process, in the case of only taking part in the postgraduate entrance examination, it is simply product-centered, with the product manager, development team and test team playing three roles.

  1. Product managers create products and requirements;
  2. The project manager creates the project, determines the needs of the project to be done, Work Breakdown Structure, and assigns them to people;
  3. Testers test and submit bugs.

In the case of a small team of three or four people, usually everyone has to play multiple roles. Life Itself relies on acting skills and has a good grasp of the positioning of each role. The product manager is the leading role, and the actor’s value depends on the performance of the final product.

In the specific coding stage, it is recommended to use PHPFrame and write complete document comments.