Can you tell me the process of obtaining dynamic data in the homepage of a website is roughly divided into several steps?


Ask everyone great god, I didn’t learn to be a website for long (mainly using PHP to build a website)
There has always been a doubt:
“The process of obtaining dynamic data on the homepage of the website is roughly divided into several steps?”

From the network level:
The procedure for pc to access Server HyperText Transport Protocol is as follows:
1: open the browser, enter the Url, and the browser DNS resolves the Url(hosts file ->DNS server) to obtain IP
2. Initiate TCP three-way handshake after obtaining destination IP, handshake succeeded
3: Initiate request port HyperText Transport Protocol
4. The back-end server monitors the HyperText Transport Protocol, generates a session session, enters the web service component analysis file, and returns the html file to the browser

Back-end server:
1: After accepting the request, parse the php file according to the file under the specified Url.
2. Perform this file, this calculation, this access database access database
3: Return Html Data