Does the web side use PHP to generate random user avatars?

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The website uses php to generate random user avatars. As you all know, Is there any’s method or similar PHP library is to generate random avatars similar to secret APP.

I saw a similar problem in Zhihu, and worked as a porter.

Original author:Fang Yu

This head portrait is calledIdenticonDon Park first came up with this idea on January 18, 2007.

Generally speaking, if you do not specify your avatar on these websites, the websites will use it.GravatarOr use Identicon (Gravatar also has related services) as the default avatar.

Identicon is a visual representation of Hash value. Common generation methods are based on IP address or email address. The server can distinguish users in the form of avatar through Identicon, which can protect users’ privacy at the same time.

At first Identicon was a figure composed of 9 pieces, and later its expression form was expanded from a third party to various figure forms.

For details, please refer to the Wiki link below. Other references are open source implementations for various languages.


Gravatar and wordpress are owned by one company. For example, my head portrait


Whenever I comment on websites that support gravatar (such as wordpress), this avatar will be displayed as long as I leave my email.


For more languages, please search Github:百分比E2百分比9C百分比93&q=identicon