How do I use one method to terminate all ajax requests on this page? Abort An ajax object calls five ajax times and five ajax calls five abort times

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Can ajax of the whole page be terminated in one call?

var ajax1=$.ajax({});
var ajax2=$.ajax({});
var ajax3=$.ajax({});
var ajax4=$.ajax({});
var ajax5=$.ajax({});

To terminate these five ajax requests, I need to

Is there a method that can be called once


Because I now have to modify the entire project in such a large amount that I can only find a unified way to put it in the template page and use it on every page.

The specific method has already been mentioned by other respondents: put ajax objects into an array.

However, I estimate that the subject is now facing an existing project, and there are many changes and heavy workload in revising various parts. Then I offer a method with the smallest possible changes:


Specific code:

var ajaxs = [];
 var oldAjax = $.ajax;
 $.ajax = function() {
 var args =;
 var ajax = oldAjax.apply(this, args);
 return ajax;
 //add abortAll function.
 function abortAll() {
 $.each(ajaxs, function(i, ajax) {

In this way, there is no need to modify every call. When cancel, only need to adjustabortAll()Just do it.

For reference only.