How does composer recover from domestic image to foreign image

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I switched to the domestic mirror image, but there was a package that I didn’t know why, and always asked me not to check the spelling, so I wanted to try not to use the domestic mirror image but to use the download from abroad. I tried to switch to the domestic mirror image command.
composer config -g repo.packagist composer
Inside’s address was directly changed to
composer config -g repo.packagist composer
It seems that I can’t. I haven’t responded for half a day.

I’m sure Google can access anything, either by turning over Q or by turning over the whole picture, so. . . . I don’t know if there is something wrong with my restoration method.

In this case, you can try what Laravel China maintains.Total mirror image.

There are two options for using Composer image acceleration:

Option 1: global configuration, so that all projects can benefit (recommended);
Option 2: separate project configuration;

Option 1, Global Configuration (Recommended)

$ composer config -g repo.packagist composerhttps://packagist.laravel-chi …

Option 2, Use Alone

If only the mirror image is used for the current project, remove -g, as follows:

$ composer config repo.packagist composerhttps://packagist.laravel-chi …


composer config -g –unset repos.packagist