How to deal with the pages captured by php? Can you just keep DOM structure and remove CSS and JS?

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Once the regular rules have been written, the page will have to be revised once it has changed.
Is there a better way to extract DOM from the page first?

I think what you need is phpDOM module… there is installation by default, don’t worry about it. …

Because I don’t know what your actual application scenario is … let me give you a simple example. …

/* i heard that you need DOM ..? */
$doc = new DOMDocument();

/* i wrote a simple page ... change it to a curl result ... */
$doc->loadHTML( <<<HTML_SECTION
<html><head><title>Sunyanzi's Test</title></head>
  <h1>Hello World</h1>
  <a href="" id="onlylink">Hey Welcome</a>

/* now we should try to get something ... */
$h1Elements = $doc->getElementsByTagName( 'h1' );

/* this line prints "Hello World" ... */
foreach( $h1Elements as $h1Node ) 
    echo $h1Node->nodeValue, PHP_EOL;

/* and this line prints "" ... */
echo $doc->getElementById( 'onlylink' )->getAttribute( 'href' ), PHP_EOL;

/* now i will introduce something advanced ... using XPath ... */
$xpath = new DOMXPath( $doc );

/* also prints "" ... locate via h1 ... */
echo $xpath->evaluate(
    'string(//h1[text()="Hello World"]/following-sibling::a/@href)'
    ), PHP_EOL;

Basically … after you have mastered XPath … you will find DOM is much more flexible than regular. …

Php’s ability to process XML is far beyond your imagination … it’s not a bad thing to read manuals when you have time …