I used a crawler to crawl the pictures of other people’s websites. The current speed is 30 minutes. I can download all 5 G’s of a column. Is it illegal to spread this crawler?


I made a reptile, and just started to download cute dog pictures. Then I found there were many pictures on his website, one by one.
The php curl class I am currently working on can quickly download pictures of his website. If I discuss my class openly with everyone, I will use his website address to demonstrate it. Is this illegal?
Because I don’t think I’m doing this well, I want to send it out to communicate with everyone. Then I can improve it. Because I’m a novice and I’m learning php for the first time.
I am afraid to send it out now, and then others will download his pictures, and then he will flow to uncertain. If he finds me, he will be miserable.


2017-4-5 :17:49 Update
Github address ishttps://github.com/buffge/buf …
Please give us more advice. I feel that the download is very slow now. When downloading some big pictures, such as those over 10m, the speed can reach about 10m.
However, the speed of downloading some 3-4 megabytes is 3-4 megabytes. I now think that no matter how much I download, I will use all of my internet speed to download it. because curl_multi is a concurrent download, I think it should be possible. I don’t understand. it’s too delicious. I still have to learn c to learn the bottom layer before I know why.

It is not against the law to disseminate crawlers, and it is against the law to disseminate copyright data obtained by using crawlers.