Javascript Learning Order: Is it relatively fast to learn jQuery systematically before learning basic JavaScript? Why?

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Personal information:

Six months of front-end learning accumulation:

  • Html, css basic proficiency
  • Javascript can understand and write simple carousel code. Most js special effects will be changed.

Problem background:

Want to take advantage of summer vacationTwo monthsThe purpose of learning javascript is to lay a good foundation for js. After consulting teachers and classmates, the advice is to start with jQuery and become proficient in jQuery before learning native js. However, the suggestions given by major forums all start with js.

My own experience:

  • The online class listened to jQuery foundation and JS foundation respectively. Can keep up with the progress and understand. There is no problem that Daniel said in other forums that he does not understand JS and jQuery code.

  • I am still worried that learning JS after jQuery is familiar with it will be difficult to make a greater improvement and form a rough Programming style.

Summary of issues:

Please ask your predecessors, what is your order of learning js? How do you think I should arrange my study progress according to my personal situation?

First of all, I must point out very seriously that

“Native” JS and DOM have nothing to do with browsers

In my opinion, it is very important to understand the relationship among JS, jQuery and DOM. It will be no problem to learn whether you are learning backwards or forwards.

  • Javascript: The most popular prototype language, weak type, prototype-based object-oriented, functions can be transferred and stored as first-class objects. It is a language that has a relatively old history but has been rejuvenating the nth spring. Common runtime is: almost all browsers/NodeJS/Phantom JS/CoughDB/MongoDB, etc
  • DOM: Browser’s abstract model of HTML documents, based on tree structure, provides API for various attributes, contents, insertion and removal, events, etc. These API are exposed in the JS running environment of the browser in the form of JS language
    -BOM: The browser’s abstract model of the browser itself, including API of history, current location, window, screen, etc., is also exposed in the JS running environment of the browser.
  • JQuery: The most popular Javascript DOM/BOM operation class library is mainly dedicated to eliminating the differences between DOM and BOM before diffe rent browsers, and provides elegant chain API, powerful selector and convenient extension structure.

It is clear that jQuery is only the encapsulation of DOM. DOM, as the operation interface of web pages, is only exposed in JS language. Learning jQuery directly can get started with practical projects as soon as possible. Avoiding jQ and learning bare DOM can be used in extreme scenarios such as mobile development. It can also strengthen the understanding of jQuery and avoid some pits. JS itself is the foundation of both of them.