Let’s talk about how js judges that the object is empty.

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This is my judgment method. Do you have any other judgment method?

Look at your definition of an empty object
If the interpretation object is undefined/null
Then use the if statement directly

var obj;
 if(!  obj){
 console.log("object is null or undefined");

If you judge that the object does not have any attributes, this is not easy to do.
for...inAbility to traverse enumerable attributes, including in prototype
Object.keys(ES2015)Value traverses its own enumerable property
However, the attribute of the object can also be set to enumerable=false as non-enumerable, so you cannot judge whether there is an attribute by the above method.

$.isEmptyObject();The method also checks enumerable properties

Therefore, the specific problems still need to be specifically analyzed, according to your business scenario
There are no special settings
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