[Mobile Network] Using Mobile Phone Mobile Network to Visit Websites Is Unstable, Seek Test Environment


I made a php station, which can be accessed in the mobile network environment of mobile phones, but it is often inaccessible, while there is no exception in the wireless wifi environment.
I don’t know whether it is a server problem, or a network system problem, or php code needs to pay attention to What?How to Test? (ping test is normal)
Access environment:
Bae and Yi Lian hosts have the same problem.
Iphone 5s Unicom 3G

At first, “light touch reloading” often occurs when Wechat Official Account accesses through a custom menu. At this time, tests such as using a mobile qq browser cannot be accessed (other websites such as mobile phone Tencent are normally accessed); Refreshing at a later time (irregular) enables normal access.


No server was found for the specified hostname, DNS problem.