MYSQL assumes master-slave replication and sub-library and sub-table, which is bound to increase the difficulty of the code. How to solve this?

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For example, query. If MYSQL is divided into libraries and tables, it will definitely increase the difficulty of logic code. For example, a simple query, after dividing the tables, first find the table and then query. This will multiply the complexity of the code. . . . How should we design and solve this problem? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
PS: I am inexperienced. The current level is above mysql. I found that the logic code will become much more complicated once the library is divided into tables.

This has been discovered by you, but there is really no better way. …

1, respectively inquiring, obtaining results, and then Merge sort in memory
2, storing the above results in an intermediate table

Isn’t this MapReduce