Official Book Delivery Activity Two-SF of Growth Posture Calls for You to Talk about Development

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Last year, when Park Ling’s “Node.js” was flying all over kiss you, it was initiated by SegmentFault.“Official Activities-Simply Put SF Calls for You to Talk about Development”It has received enthusiastic support and positive response from developers all over the country.

Recently, four Daniel from CNode community wrote it together.“Node.js actual combat (double color)”A book, now Dangdang, Jingdong, Amazon, Interactive and other major online stores are in hot pre-sale! !

AVOS Cloud is a very prominent domestic BaaS service provider, among which JavaScript is one of the three SDK provided by AVOS Cloud to developers. Web services also support Node.js Express framework, and it is also the Good Gay Friend company of SegmentFault all along.

This time, SegmentFault, together with blog point of view and avoscoud, will continue to give benefits to the vast number of developers.

All you have to do isSegmentFaultIf you publish at least one original blog related to JavaScript, you will have the opportunity to obtain the author’s signature.“Node.js actual combat (double color)”AVOS Cloud’s Host Voucher and SegmentFault Commemorative T-shirt

All participating users need only one praise to receive a free gift.“Little Book of CoffeeScript”One book (read by Douban). In addition, there are special awards from avoscoud ~

I’d like to share with you the new postures you have mastered recently. Maybe you’ll be in the top five. I’m a little excited to think about it.

Activity rules:

  • Need to publish a blog in SegmentFault, has not yet opened a blogClick here to open
  • Blog content is related to JavaScript, including front end, Node.js, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Dart, etc.
  • Work introduction, development skills, tool sharing and experience discussion are all available.
  • Blogs must be original (including translation), not reprinted (except synchronizing your own blog)
  • There are no restrictions on new and old works (if the works are old, please make sure the blog content is not outdated)
  • Post the address of the blog post directly below this post. There is no upper limit on the number of blog posts.
  • At the same time, attach your own Douban home page address so that you can donate books (the bound Douban account number can be omitted)
  • The activity lasted for two weeks.


  • All participating users need only one praise to receive a “CoffeeScript Book” (Douban Reading)
  • Each of the top three community partners was given a copy of “Node.js Practical Combat (Two Colors)” signed by one of the authors.
  • Each of the top five community partners will receive a voucher for AVOS Cloud 500 yuan host computer and a SegmentFault commemorative T-shirt.
  • Among the blogs developed based on AVOS Cloud platform, the one with the highest number of votes was given a voucher for AVOS Cloud host 1000 yuan.

Node.js 实战 书录

Thank you very much AVOS Cloud support!