PHP: How to Build a Vulnerability Submission Platform in Team Development?

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In the collaborative development of PHP project teams, test engineers submit bugs to a self-built platform, and then their programmers deal with the bugs in response.
Excuse me, what is the full name of that platform?
If you want to build it, do you have open source?

Try it outZenTao Project Management System, there is a free open source version, feeling is ok

Some suggestions for the topic owner:

  • pivotaltracker-The project management tools we are using need to be paid for and updated now.betaI think this version is quite easy to use, so I recommend it to the subject. (Education, open source, non-profit projects can be applied for free use), has always been thought to be free, because our team’s projects are related to education.
  • rally-Free for a specified number of people.
  • goplan-Free for a specified number of people.
  • projectpier-You need to build it yourself.PHP plus MYSQL, lighter.

btwI hope that the title owner will not call it the vulnerability submission platform, even if your original intention of using this platform is to facilitate management.BUGS, the name should also be the project management system.