Php laravel javascript Baidu Maps api distance calculation

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After the user enters his own address, he needs to find out the nearest merchants walking or driving nearby. Merchant data is retrieved from the background

If merchant data is already at the front desk

Varmala = ['Caibai Jewelry Store (Caishikou Store)',' Jingshen Seafood Market',
 Huilongguan Commodity Exchange Market in North Beijing',' Sanyuan inside Vegetable Market',' Meat and Aquatic Products Market in Southwest Suburb Beijing',
 Will Taiwan market',' heyday market',' Caishikou small commodity wholesale market'];

The address entered by the user is as follows:

Var userAddress =' 130 kandan road, qiaonan, fengtai town, fengtai district, beijing';

How to match the address entered by the user with the above data to find the shortest distance to walk or drive?

Is it to match with js at the front end or to do it backstage?

Is there any other good map for analysis using the api of Baidu Maps currently in use? Is there a fast matching calculation map title=webapi/route-matrix-api
The background calls this interface, and the return value is ok after comparing the distance.