Php programmer, what is your job?


Php freelancer for 5 years.
Looking for a job outside and building a website, I didn’t expect to convert the html template into the cms template of the company.
Cms is rotten, just say one thing: call paging method, some parameters need to be set as global variables.

Very curious, php coding peasant, what is your job?

Writing code day and night … fixing bugs day and night.

If the nature of the work points out:
1. Be responsible for the back-end development and daily maintenance of the website, and revise it from time to time.
2. Outsourcing, including developing website programs for enterprises and adding functions to websites.
3. Reconstruction. Responsible for making the website perform better.
4. Cooperate with other departments to do the back end. As for what type of back end, it depends on the project.
5. Depending on your luck, phper in some companies needs to do a lot of work. The boss will force you to do any work of front-end art design.

There is no specific example to write, just a few things in bullshit.

Add: Not necessarily. Programmers don’t have to be coding and BUG fixing day and night. Programmers from quite a few companies are doing well and will leave work on time ~ ~