Share the past experience of learning the web front end development guidelines or learning routes, so that we beginners can learn!

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I hope those who have experience can greatly share your past learning experience and let us beginners learn. ^^
I am a self-taught, I am currently studying at the front end of treehouse, and I have found out about learning html5/css3 pdf on the internet to learn.
My learning system is very chaotic, because I feel that I don’t know what I learned in the end and I am very confused.
I want to readjust my learning route. I know I will learn the front end of the language -html/css/js and the back end -php/mysql.

This is what I am going to doStep by step learning web front end:
1.html (do exercises after completing the html5 ebook or other websites)
2.css (after completing the e-book on css35 or other websites, do the exercises)
3.js (Practice after completing the js ebook or other websites)
(Complete the above to make a complete project)

Next will beStep by step learning web backend:
1.php/mysql (do the exercises after completing the php/mysql ebook or other websites)
(Complete the above to make a complete project)

Finally, it will beStep by step learn about other:
2.command line

The above is that I have readjusted my study route. If I find any mistakes, please let me know immediately, or if you have any suggestions, or if you have a better study route step by step, please let us know. Thank you!
I feel it is difficult to focus on self-study. I hope that I can share it with you and let us learn! Thank you

It is not good to say anything about your plan, because everyone’s growth and foundation are different. The following are some of my suggestions that are being implemented according to my actual situation. Again, the core of the front end is js. Css is not difficult, but it needs to be accumulated. This is what I think of the front end:

  • Css is like a bottle of wine.

    HTML and CSS are all about tags and selector attributes, but it is not easy to write a page that is extensible, robust or maintainable. At present, the basic conditional reflex of writing pages is not how to finish quickly, but how to finish the requirement task quickly with the least code modification if there is any interface requirement modification. This is the tripl e test of front-end endurance, physical strength and intelligence.

  • Js is like a sword that needs sharpening.

    At the beginning, js just took on more and more important roles for the sake of testing and the development of a casual technology society. At the beginning, playing jQuery felt like js already, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. With more and more understanding of js, he is abnormal and lovely, fun and difficult to control, that is, there are many compatibility problems, but solving compatibility is our basic survival way. From ajax to jsmvc, we can see that the high load wave after wave.

  • Life is a dream, you have to make it.

    Technology is only a part of life. Once ambitious, now I bow my head and write code. Change can change, accept can’t change. Life is limited, brother, seize every minute. The attitude of life study is: no hurry, no rashness, no unhappiness, no slowness. Persistence (psychology), believe in yourself. Not to change the world, but to change your life. Don’t try to walk fast, but try to take one step at a time. Thanks to hardships, he strengthened our hearts. Thanks to setbacks, he made us grow continuously, thanks to bug, he made our thinking more profound. Thanks to the front end, he made us believe more that 18 Weapons of Kung Fu is needed to hold up a sky.

These are a series of tutorials I have prepared for beginners. I am interested to see them:

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