So many frameworks refer to Rails features, such as PHP’s Laravel. In contrast, does Rails have any advantages?


I heard before that Rails has many features that are best practices for web development.
So many frameworks now refer to Rails,
For example, PHP’s Laravel…… …
In contrast,What other advantages does Rails have that other frameworks do not?

I think the biggest advantage isCommunity gapCompared with ruby rails and PHP Laravel, the community really can’t keep up. At least this is in line with the current situation in China. The people who studied ruby basically learned it out of their own interest, with a three-dimensional outlook and technical pursuit, so the community is basically a very good atmosphere, thus surpassing PHP; at the starting line. Looking back at the current situation of PHP in China, it has been spoiled by a bunch of training institutions (I don’t mean slander, but some training institutions I really feel cheating). How many PHP developers haven’t even heard of a namespace and composer, how can they compare with ruby’s gang?

Well, I really like ruby people. At least from the ruby developers I contact, they are generally better engineers than PHP developers.