The applicable scenarios of Burpsuite, Wireshark, Fiddler, and their advantages and disadvantages

  javascript, python

Because I have been using Fiddler for a long time, httpS package is enough for normal HTTP.
So, many people also use burpsuite and wireshark.
Are the latter two due to some functions that Fiddler cannot achieve? Thank you

  1. Burpsuite is based on java language and has cross-platform advantages.

  2. Fiddler is based on. Net, with simple entry and powerful functions, but it is only suitable for win platform. Currently, it cannot run well on mac and linux platforms with mono.

  3. Wireshark platforms have corresponding versions, but the entry threshold is relatively high.
    Burpsuite and Fiddler focus on the requested and responded data while Wireshark focuses on the data frame