Vue refreshes the current route. Is there any good solution?

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 //Both of these methods are equivalent to f5 refreshing, and the page will have the situation of Caton.
this.$router.push({ path: '/kong', query: {} });
 //This way is to enter a blank page and jump back to the original page inside the blank page. This way the page refresh is relatively smooth.
 //But I found that in this way, when the user clicks the browser's back button, he will enter the blank page /kong again and come back immediately.
 //Causes the page not to retreat

Excuse me, is there any other good way to refresh the page?

It feels like you can take a look at thisIssue

But Yoda’s method may not meet your needs. If you are like me, I hope you can learn from it.breforeCreateIf you start to retrace the entire Life cycle
In fact, you can modify this method slightly.

this.$router.push({ path: '/kong', query: {} });

ThePushChange intoReplace
The sameKongThis page is insidebeforeRouteEnterIt is also used in time.Replace
There would be no question of retreat.

Please attach the code I used

//use page
 refresh () {
 path: '/refresh',
 query: {
 // refresh.vue
 export default {
 beforeRouteEnter(to, from, next) {
 next(vm => {