WeChat H5: The bottom of WeChat H5 page under iOS moves forward and backward. How can Henglan hide or solve it?


At the end of May, WeChat updated a new version, and WeChat’s page browsing was no longer the same. However, in IOS, when WeChat H5 page is browsed, a forward and backward Henglan will appear at the bottom of the page, squeezing the entire page and showing less.
As shown in the figure:图片描述

How to remove or hide this bottom Henglan?

Because I have seen other people’s H5 page hidden or solved, so, I think there should be a way, but I don’t know, come to help~

At present, there is no reasonable solution, because the bottom bar is actually a browser history jump bar, and this is not H5, which is an IOS component of WeChat.
The address provided on the first floor cannot solve the problem, and demo is also invalid.
Unless WeChat provides the api of jssdk to communicate with the native.

Another idea is to completely make the current h5 application into a Single page application. All actions are encapsulated in JS. All page jumps are ajax content updates to avoid the navigation bar below.

—– 20180816 updated
Everyone is not very understanding of what I said about the single page. I would like to add demo to everyone.


https://donsee.cn/demo/noTool …
The source code looks directly at html
The specific JS logic needs to be improved by everyone. Of course, the performance issue needs to be considered when making a Single-page application. dom operations need to pay attention to cleaning up invalid dom.