What are the advantages of writing plug-ins with vue over jquery?

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Previously, vue was used to refactor jquery’s paging plug-in, feeling that writing the plug-in could be as simple as that.

  1. My personal feeling is that the threshold is greatly lowered, and I don’t even need to know the prototype of js, inheritance and other knowledge points. The whole plug-in writing process is very clear, so I just write directly according to vue’s view plus logic plus style.

  2. Simplifies DOM binding, state judgment and style switching

  3. Don’t need to know CMD, AMD and other specifications.

This is just a little bit of my humble opinion. What else do I want to discuss with you?

Jquery Edition Paging Component
Vue Edition Paging Component

In fact, small projects are really not so-called
The bigger and more complex the project, the more obvious the advantages of Vue