What is the difference between the predis package and the phpredis extension?


Predis is so amazing that it can be directly connected to redis without expansion. What is the implementation of his bottom layer? (I looked at his source code and couldn’t understand it at all). Heard that phpredis is an extended implementation so its performance is higher than predis?

However, the official recommendation of Laravel is predis. May I ask the difference between them is What?? Is there a big difference in performance?

Predis, a redis client written in PHP, uses socket connection.
PHP extendredis is a native extension of php, written by c.

Because there is no over-large data pressure measurement, it cannot tell you the performance difference accurately. But basically expanding redis is definitely better than predis.
Laravel recommends predis, mainly because some hosts do not support redis. Rely on C extension as little as possible so as to give full play to PHP’s idea of popularizing all living beings.