When html forms have more data, POST data cannot be received


There are about 1,000 pieces of data. When the form is submitted by post, the PHP server cannot receive the submitted value all the time. However, in the case of a small amount of data (about 100), everything is normal. php.ini inside has changed post_max_size to 2047M, but it is still useless. Please solve it ~

This question … first of all, make sure your changes have taken effect. …

echo ini_get( 'post_max_size' );

Then confirm the setmemory_limit>post_max_size>upload_max_filesize

In addition, the following words are written in the manual …

Note: PHP allows shortcuts for bit values, including K (kilo), M (mega) and G (giga). PHP will do the conversions automatically if you use any of these.Be careful not to exceed the 32 bit signed integer limit (if you’re using 32bit versions) as it will cause your script to fail.

If the above two steps are confirmed or not … modify post_max_size to a smaller value such as 1024M m. …