Why do many websites have to wait for a few seconds before automatically downloading resources, and for what reason?

  javascript, python

As shown in the figure, many websites have a waiting time of n seconds before automatically downloading resources. I would like to know what consideration this is based on.

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Please explain in detail. .

1. Advertising. Increasing residence time means that users will have more opportunities to see advertisements that interest them and click on them, and then they will have higher income.
2. Recommendation. You can immediately recommend relevant downloads. Some people close the website immediately after downloading something. They will not see relevant download information and will not see more views.
3. Announcement. It is convenient to add some suggestive words, such as donation information in your screenshot.
4. Terms. When we download, we usually involve relevant clauses (exemption clauses). If we place it on the download page, no one will pay attention to it, but if we place it here, many disputes can be said in the past.
5. Buffer. To find resources for the server to do a buffer, the countdown will be completed once enough to start downloading, do not have to look at blank pages waiting;
6, to be added.

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