About Programmers’ Job Hunting

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Dear friends, if you have just entered the job for nearly 3 months, you still have 1 turnover.
However, if you want to leave your job, will you write down this work experience on your resume?
If so, what is the better reason for leaving?
If you don’t want to write, how can you make up for the 3-month gap?

The most important thing is one’s own ability. The engineer’s evaluation is actually very simple and pure. It depends on your project experience, your code, and the ability of teamwork.
For the current company, it is better to find out the problem first, whether it is really the company’s problem or the individual’s problem. It is better to leave early, be good for yourself and be good for the company if you are in pain every day.

If your personal ability is good enough, even if you only worked for one month in your last company, other companies will still want it, because the industry is very short of excellent engineers. It is very important for so to think of various ways to improve his ability. For example, he should exchange technology more in the SegmentFault community, know some skilled people, share some of his own experience and participate in offline salons of some technologies, which will gradually improve.