After deleting the file in the seven cow space, upload the same file again. The prompt is successful, but the corresponding file is not displayed in the space, Why is this?.

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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
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D:>cd qiniutool

D:\qiniutool>qrsync.exe conf.json
2015/03/23 14:31:19.039946 [INFO][] qrsync.go:49: Syncin
G D:\ my documents \ documents \ tools => franklindtest
2015/03/23 14:31:19.040946 [INFO][] qrsync.go:83: Proces
sing file: C:\Users\FranklinD/.qrsync/MjBXCW3AIwbmsCpD_BrdErHz.log
2015/03/23 14:31:19.044951 [INFO][] sync.go:52: Sync: all
things updated!


When I manually deleted the file in the seven cow space, I uploaded the same file again, prompting all things updated, but I couldn’t find the file just handed down in the seven cow space? Why is this?

The reason is that qrsync tool of qiniu will read the log file stored locally, so even if the resources in the space are deleted, the local upload log shows that the file has been uploaded successfully and will not be uploaded again. the location of the log file isC:\Users\FranklinDHidden folder forqrsync, you can check it, delete the log file, and then execute qrsync again to upload it again.