Began to recommend the introduction of learning java and subsequent learning books, etc., step by step!

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For example, a rookie wants to learn app development design because of urgent need. Thank you, everyone!
Does AppCan work well?

What does Java App mean after getting started? Does Java App mean web or Android App?
I don’t understand Android, so I won’t talk about it. I hope there are drivers who understand it.

If it is a web application, then the Core Java part has a solid foundation. it is suggested to look at servlet jsp. after that, look at SSH framework.
Don’t pay too much attention to details in the initial stage. Emphasis is placed on application. In the process of learning, I always feel that only after understanding can I apply it, including when I first learned it myself. Later, I found out that it was not the case. There are too many things in the initial stage that are difficult to understand. However, if I use too many things, I will use them. As for understanding, I will put it into the second stage.

Java is a high-level language. Many commonly used algorithms and requirements have been implemented by Api. For example, sending HTTP requests, IO and so on. In most cases, programmers only need to write business logic implementations. It should be noted that your coding standard is not recommended to use any IDE for coding in the initial stage. It is recommended to use editors such as SUBLIME and VIM for writing.

Because it is a web application, HTML,JavaScript,css knowledge is also necessary. such as JavaScript authoritative guide, JavaScript advanced programming, JavaScript DOM art programming, sharp jQuery, etc.

Besides coding, we should also learn the use of some tools such as version control tools (svn,git, etc.) and dependency management tools (maven,ant, etc.).

In terms of books, Li gang’s crazy Java handout at home and lightweight Java ee enterprise application actual combat can be regarded as the enlightenment of web application, and effective java can be read after a certain amount of coding.

We still need to write more codes. No matter how many books we read, it is useless not to write them. It is easy to read on paper.

Personally, I suggest reading the source code and reading it at the same time. The former can learn faster. For the next open source project, make a break point and go through several procedures. See what inside has done for each step of the code.


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