Career planning, how to choose a career direction after employment, linux? python? java?

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At the beginning of the New Year, I wish everyone La multi ani! at first.

In the new year, there must be a new plan first. As a college student, on the one hand, I think the salary in IT industry is good, but more importantly, I have a deep interest in this industry. However, I want to learn from the opinions and career planning suggestions of my predecessors in Iko Iko.

Let’s talk about myself first. Now the main directions are python and linux. The front end has a little understanding and all aspects are known. However, in the future career planning, I actually do not have a position that I especially yearn for psychologically.

Linux? python? java? What I don’t like more is java outsourcing, which only involves adding, deleting, modifying and checking work. Linux is a bit lower-class. Which direction will you look for in the future?

Many predecessors said that no matter which direction, there is a future if you learn it well. I understand this truth, but I want to choose a more suitable direction through better understanding of various aspects. Because inside may also face job hunting in the next year, I also want to talk to your predecessors in Iko Iko about various positions and ways of making money in IT technology. As a rookie, I have seen it before.Programmer’s Skill Training StrategyHere, I hope you can also give some advice.

Deep Platform/Use Platform-Two Different Paths

Linux is a relatively broad concept. You always need to choose whether to go deep into The Linux Kernel itself or to study related tools built on Unix-like platforms such as Linux.

If you are studying The Linux Kernel itself, it is almost inevitable to drive the introduction of development until kernel development. You may need to see it.This book list. However, the research on embedded and hardware development is also very close to the purpose of studying Linux itself. It is a good choice to play with Acorn RISC Machine Linux development boards like Raspberry Pi.

As far as I remember, the work at the lower level of Linux is mostly required in two aspects: one is hardware development enterprises (this is a bit realistic), and the other is Linux operation enterprises such as SUSE (this level of requirements will not be low). I heard a friend who works in a foreign enterprise as an embedded system said that his enterprise began to transfer all the operating systems that can be transferred to Linux to Linux last year …

If only Linux is chosen as the platform, there are many options:

  • Mobile App
  • Native App across platforms
  • Distributed Computing and Cloud
  • Operation and maintenance engineering
  • ……

Don’t be trapped in Desire to please yourself

Hobbies, interests and means are not driving forces, but ideals.To choose a career, one should have such a tenacious ideal and ask oneself. “If only one problem can be solved in a poor life, then I hope it is What?“Can not quickly bored by the loss of interest.

The answer to this question is that no one can do it. Think hard, make a serious decision about your life, then never forget, and use all relevant means and techniques to practice your life. This is the way to achieve some achievement and value.