[Database Design] How to Design Online Assessment Background Score?

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Let’s talk about my specific needs. The online examination papers include multiple choice questions, judgment questions and short answer questions. When the papers are handed in, the scores of selection and judgment will be calculated automatically by the system. The short answer questions belong to subjective questions and must be scored manually. When the problem comes, I want to submit the examination papers beforeAdd an examination record to the database. When clicking on this record to correct, the title of the previously submitted examination paper and the examinee’s answer will be displayed. I will score again. How should I design it well?, I currently several table association relationship is as follows:

Here is a question_bank, in which topics are selected to form a test paper, so I design a many-to-many relationship here.
Please help me if you have any ideas, thank you

Directly add a many-to-many association between examine and question_bank, such as questions, with fields ID, Examine ID, Question, Asnwer, Mark. Among them, answer is the student’s answer and mark is the score.
In fact, the correlation between test_paper and exam is best removed, because a test paper may change, that is, the choices table may change. And the test that examinee takes an examination of cannot change with the change of examination paper. It is better for the examine to generate the corresponding questions records according to the choices records corresponding to the examination questions after selecting the examination papers, and then the examination is only related to question_bank, not to test_paper and choices.