Does J2EE SSH have front-end JSP and back-end JAVA developed by different people, and how to cooperate?

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In inside, if J2EE is developed based on SSH framework
Is it the following process:
Someone is specifically responsible for front-end jsp pages (html/css/javascript and jsp)
While others write back-end java

Before development, it is actually data to specify which parts of the front-end jsp page should interact with the back-end.
Then the front end writes out the jsp page, and then cooperates with the back end to connect the front and back ends well.

Unde that condition that the front end and the back end are separated without json
Is the above development common?

How do you work in groups?
How does the front and back end cooperate and divide the work? If jsp page has no back-end code, the display effect cannot be seen. How can front-end WYSIWYG and debugging be done?

Before, if the front and back ends were not separated, the responsibility of the front end would be expanded to jsp or template (such as freemarker) of java back end, and then the back end developers would just write the controller directly and prepare the data.