Every time the html written by webstorm needs to be rewritten into jsp and synchronized to eclipse with svn, but every time the code needs to be rewritten, it needs to be changed back into html. What a bother!

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Eclipse can tolerate changing html, but changing style can’t use less any more, and I’ll use webstorm to change less again!
Moreover, every time I change. html to. jsp, I use a lot of Expression Language, and it is not convenient to change html with webstorm!
How to solve it better?

What you need is Jetbrains IntellijIdea to provide complete Java support. This is a Java IDE and Jetbrains’ flagship product, which includes most of WebStorm’s functions (including PHPStorm, PyCharm, etc. and most of JetBrains Sabo’s functions in the form of plug-ins)

Of course, the price is also the most expensive (well, the government also provides a free community version)

Or you just don’t use WebStorm, Eclipse, I see if there is no wrong understanding, should you just need Eclipse plus a LESS plug-in
At worst, you can also use a combination of Eclipse and Sublime. . .