For API access to mtime movie materials, the request header contains encrypted numbers to verify whether the movie materials can be accessed and how to reverse the encryption method?

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I used python to crawl movie data.
If you grab the api details on mtime ios app, you cannot access the API for movie details if you directly access or submit headers incorrectly.
The same movie
Two periods of access



The latter is different.
Then time must have been added to the encryption.
Movie id 156682

I randomly combined this id and time, and tried all kinds of encryption, but they were all wrong.
Ask for advice, is there any way to think?
Thank you

Use Android package to decompile and check the encryption method in the code?
But I can’t understand it at all = =
Please help

The hash value at the back is the same thing. If he put in a salt when encrypting it, why don’t you come out