How many files can a folder hold on a windows server without affecting the speed of reading files such as php/nodejs/java?

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The way to read a file is to know the file name and read it directly without traversing the folder.
Do you still want to know about Linux?

1. The maximum number of files under is related to the file system in usedetailed
2. In terms of reading efficiency, the operating system stores directory files in indexes, the same reason as mysql primary key search. The impact is not too great, but the more data, the slower the speed.
3.linux I use centos system, other I don’t know, file system management is limited by two factors, disk space and inode capacity. That is to say, the meta-information (file name, author, creation time) of files under linux is stored in inode inside. once I encountered a situation where the disk occupied 12% of the disk space, but the disk refused to access. the result was that the tmp directory was not cleaned regularly, resulting in too many small files and the capacity under inode was exhausted. The capacity of inode can be manually set at the time of partition.General guidance