How to use docker or vagrant (software) to set up a test environment for team development?

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There are about 10 people in the development team.
Mainly developed with php and mysql
How to Build a Unified Development and Test Platform

Technology stack is just an ordinary LAMP, and I do not recommend the introduction of docker and vagrant (software). The deployment of production environment may be of some use, but it is only docker and vagrant (software) based on virtualbox, which cannot help much and the reuse rate is not high. Only when technology stack is so complicated that it is very troublesome for a new person to set up a development environment can vagrant (software) play its role and save time for the team. After all, most development machines only need to be set up once. Besides, usually the team cannot assume that they are all familiar with docker and vagrant (software). If there is no matching training, I am afraid the use of these technologies will only increase the difficulty of getting started and the development cost. The LAMP development environment is assumed to be very simple and the tools are mature. 90% of the cases are apt-get install, which is not troublesome.