If there is a problem with a project that is already online, how can you handle the abnormality?

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I went to the interview and asked me this question. how do you answer this question? don’t all bugs change and then redeploy? The interviewer seems very dissatisfied.

  1. If there is no rollback caused by dependency problem, 2
  2. Fast rollback, fast rollback, fast rollback.
  3. If so, evaluate the cost of solving the problem and the cost of rolling back the dependency together. If the rollback cost is low. Then 2
  4. According to the phenomenon, check the online log and locate the cause of the problem. If there is no log, think of some way to 2
  5. According to the error log or phenomenon review code, find the problem.
  6. None of the above can be used to pinpoint the problem. I can only