If you choose the front end but not the java back end, it will definitely be a hard year ahead. After all, you don’t even need the foundation of java Platform, Standard Edition. Please give some advice to your partners.

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I want to do javaee development, but the foundation of java is not good. I also want to spend more time studying java now than in the later part of the front end. I have always wanted to choose a direction for development. If I choose the front end but not the back end of java, the next year will definitely be very hard. After all, even the foundation of java Platform, Standard Edition is not good. I hope my partners can give me some advice.

What you don’t need, if you study further, you will soon forget everything. What you can keep in memory of inside is only some abstract knowledge points. As far as programming languages are concerned, these abstract knowledge points are not specific to any language or framework. Therefore, at each stage, you should learn according to your own purpose. According to the principle of 28, 80% of the time is used to learn the technology you mainly need to use and 20% is used to learn the technology you are interested in or related to.

Are you currently working as an intern, and are you planning to find a new job or stay in this company after the internship? If you stay in this company, it is obvious that your main attack direction should be your current internship direction (of course, you cannot rule out the possibility of applying for restructuring or the company requires restructuring). If you want to find a job again, which technology do you think is easier to find a job? I can’t say which technology is good for finding a job, because different places and circumstances are completely different, you have to judge according to your own environment and some feedback.

On the one hand, in order to survive, you must give up some things you like and sublimate things you need for your work. On the other hand, for your own development, you need to go deep into what you like and related technical skills. There may be conflicts between the two, so you will live very tired and give up as soon as possible. It is also possible that most of the two overlap, so that you can live relatively easily-but then again, there is nothing easy to say in this field.

In short, in a word, apply what you have learned, consider both survival and personal development, and choose priorities according to your different stages. Whether you are focusing on Java or the front end, you will learn a lot of language or framework-independent things, such as algorithms, data structures, OOP ideas, design models, architectures … Learn another thing after mastering one thing. Many things can be analogized and learned quickly. But if you hesitate, learn everything, learn everything shallowly, and do nothing good.