[Internal Details] How to Access Files under /site/mobile/ Is Actually Accessing Files under /site/

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Website A: www.site.com
Website B: www.site.com/mobile/

I led the data of website A to website B, because the article pictures under website A use relative paths (website A/upload/…jpg),
Then the path of website B when visiting is Jiang Zi (website A/mobile/upload/…jpg), resulting in no picture found.

Now think of the method is:
1. Manual modification(No, there is too much data)

  1. Httpd.ini (IIS platform)

  2. Sql statement modification
    That’s all I thought of, but I don’t know whether or not it can be realized and how to realize it. I’m here to ask for advice. Thank

  1. Copy the picture

  2. Use JS to reassign the SRC of the picture.

  3. The content of the output article is to replace SRC with certificate

If you are not satisfied, you can provide it again.