Java Background-WeChat Pay-Credit Card Payment-Sandbox Verification Signature Failed, Please Verify Sandbox Signature key Is Correct (Generated by getsignkey Call)

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When making a credit card payment,The formal environment can be returned normally.(sensitive information has been modified):

Pay Result:{nonce_str=IcVsdgs22Fsz46s, appid=wx53c4sd87dcdc, sign=9B7AE9DD7sdfs126FC3CC095, err_code=USERPAYING, return_msg=OK, result_code=FAIL,  Err_code_des= requires user to enter payment password, mch _ id = 14857572, return _ code = success}

But the sandbox environment has been reporting errors, the result is as follows:

Pay Result:{return_msg= sandbox verification signature failed, please make sure sandbox signature key is correct (generated by getsignkey call), return_code=FAIL}

Tell me about the process I did

  • Judging whether the current is a sandbox environment; If it is a formal environment, then the settings on the merchant platform will be used directly.KeyTo generate payment requestsSign; If it is a sandbox environment, first come requestsandbox_signkey, using the requestedsandbox_signkeyTo replace the settings on the merchant platformKeyTo generate what the request requiresSign, the main code is as follows (the method call retrieveSandboxSignKey code is also posted later):

    WXPayConfigImpl config = WXPayConfigImpl.getInstance();
     Boolean useSandbox = Boolean.valueOf(WxPropertiesUtil.getProperty("use_sandbox"));
     String key;
     if (useSandbox) {
     String sandboxSignkey = config.retrieveSandboxSignKey(config, wxPay);
     if (StringUtils.isBlank(sandboxSignkey)) {
     Createerrorwithmessage ("request sandbox sandbox_signkey failed");
     key = sandboxSignkey;
     } else {
     key = config.getKey();
     String sign = WXPayUtil.generateSignature(reqData, key, SignType.MD5);
     reqData.put("sign", sign);
     //    ...
     Map<String, String> result = wxPay.microPay(reqData);
     Info ("payresult:" add result.toString ()));
  • The code to obtain the sandbox key is as follows

    public String retrieveSandboxSignKey(WXPayConfig config, WXPay wxPay) {
     try {
     Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<String, String>();
     params.put("mch_id", config.getMchID());
     params.put("nonce_str", WXPayUtil.generateNonceStr());
     params.put("sign", WXPayUtil.generateSignature(params, config.getKey()));
     String strXML = wxPay.requestWithoutCert("",
     params, config.getHttpConnectTimeoutMs(), config.getHttpReadTimeoutMs());
     if (StringUtils.isBlank(strXML)) {
     return null;
     Map<String, String> result = WXPayUtil.xmlToMap(strXML); ("retrievesandboxsignkey:" plus result ");
     if ("SUCCESS".equals(result.get("return_code"))) {
     return result.get("sandbox_signkey");
     return null;
     } catch (Exception e) {
     Log.error ("get sandbox_signkey exception", e);
     return null;

I don’t know if there is any problem with this logic. The official document does not explain how this sandbox key should be used. I am looking up. Dear bosses, please take a look at this problem. Thank you very much.

Don’t use itmicroPay()This API usesrequestWithoutCert()
WeChat JDK inside method is wrong and blinds me.