Javascipt server-side compression merge

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The page uses multiple javascript, first optimize it, and want to compress and merge these js files on the server side.
Pass on front page


In a similar way (Taobao’s approach).
I don’t know how the backstage handled it.
The most crucial question is:I requested to go to the background, get parameters, read those files, compress and merge them, generate new files, and then how do I return them to the client? ? ?

Taobao should have used the features of tengine.

Mod_concat module This can combine multiple requests into one request. …

Here is an article on how to use it. …

The request parameter requires two question marks (‘? ?’ ) to activate the concat feature. multiple files are connected by commas (,)

<script type="text/javascript" src="??js/jquery.js,js/slide_original.js,count/count/count.js"></script>
这样,便可以将jquery.js 和 slide_original.js 以及 count.js三个js文件的请求合并为一个了。