Maven encountered a problem when install a project to a local warehouse. Please ask someone for advice.

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Install a project to the local warehouse, but I configured the package name through the plug-in when maven packaged it.


The package name I typed through the plug-in is the svn version number with the last submission of the project: core-0.0.1-71013.jar
Through maven command install to the warehouse, the warehouse folder inside file is like this:
Then another project relies on core through pom:


Eclipse plug-in hint: missing artifact com.tadu: core: jar: 0.0.1: compile
Can you tell me how to set the custom package name when install to the warehouse, and how to succeed? Thank you

I feel that it is not the problem with your svn version number. I used it this way.

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=neuroph-2.6.jar -DgroupId=org.neuroph -DartifactId=neuroph -Dversion=2.6 -Dpackaging=jar