MySQL database connection is unstable

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The daily IP of the website is about 1,000. Using the ECSHOP v2.72 mall program, the server is an independent server, which is within 10% for a long time in Central Processor and has no pressure.
However, the mall program occasionally has MySQL connection problems. The program will report an error and refresh it. The occurrence probability is about 5 times a day. The occurrence time is uncertain (sometimes it is monitored in the early morning) and the page is uncertain (the first page, the commodity page and the transaction process have all happened).

The server uses WampServer 2.0c(PHP5.2.6 plus MySQL5.0.51b), which is almost the default configuration.

Doubting whether MySQL has limited the number of connections or not, I searched my.ini for max, but found no suspicious problem.

Daniel, please answer this question ~ ~ ~

Try lowering the session expiration time in the configuration file.
Ecshop’s session is stored in the database and frequently reads and writes session related tables of the database.