Personal understanding of the Web-Service-Dao architecture, please correct it.

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If each module is compared to a U disk, the following figure is the architecture mode I think.

As shown in the figure, the interface of personal feeling service should be defined by the Web side, while the specific service implementation is placed in the service module.

I’m a little isolated, I’ve only heard of mvc
Your understanding is not quite right.
The business interface is called in what you call the web, but it cannot be said to be placed in the web. the business interface is a common thing, and it may also be called by other web. it is abstract and easy to decouple, but it is still a business and cannot be put into the web. dao is the same

I feel that you don’t understand the interface very well, it is mainly decoupling and reflection, not directly classified to the web.

Perhaps what you want is that the interface provides specifications, and changes in business requirements will not affect web code-that’s right, but this is the function of the interface, not the architecture. I feel that you are confused.