The folder set by mysql’s datadir does not exist. Where does the database created after starting mysql service exist?

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Since I am using centos7 launched by vbox managed by vagrant (software). When the virtual machine was started, the folder serving as mysql database did not execute the bindfs command at this time, so it did not exist. As a result, my mysql can run normally after booting, but I do not know where the database is stored at this time. But when I used mysql command to go in and look at it, I actually had test1 test2 database. . . However, I do not know where they exist. The find command did not find this folder either.

/var/lib/mysql, the default library folder, test1 test2 have testtest2database.

Of course, there is no folder/Vagrant (software) _ DB bound with bindfs. . . .

Solving. . .

Mysql Terminal Executes sql Statements to See datadir Directory

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