The problem of using the monogdb visualization tool robomongo to connect Mongod.

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1. Use robomongo to connect mongodb to view the user prompt error under admin library.

2. Create users in yy library and return to mongodb server to check that users are not synchronized.

3. I don’t know what visualization tool you are using. You can provide the name. If you can provide the link, thank you very much!

There were many choices, and the government maintained one.Third party GUI list.
The more popular ones are robomongo (open source) and mongochef (commercial).
MongoVUE was originally quite good, but it has stopped maintenance, and there are some problems with version 3.x support, so it is not recommended to continue using it.
In addition, you can look at MongoDB’s Compass. Compared with ordinary GUI, MongoDB has its own characteristics, but it was read-only before. Recently, it has just released a complete CRUD support.1.5 stable, I prefer its real-time monitoring function. You can have a try.