There are multiple modules in a window of intellij idea 14. Can you click to jump between different modules when looking at the code?

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The same project has different modules, and different modules call each other. When viewing the code, you can use ctrl+left mouse button click to jump to the specified method code. However, if another module is called, it cannot jump in, resulting in only manually opening the file to continue reading the code. I think it will greatly affect the efficiency. Daniel, is there any good solution to this problem?

PS: I’m talking about looking at the code, not debugging. It would be better if debugging could follow another module. I look forward to Daniel’s appearance!

Although it is not clear which version the title owner uses, I did not encounter similar problems in the version I used.


It may be that the settings are incorrect. Multiple modules are created in the same project. Modules call each other. It is not enough to just create or import.
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+sEnter the Project Structure, select Modules under Project Settings, and select modules on the right.
module setting

Select the module you want to depend on in Dependencies tab.

Press at module0F4Navigate to the method definition for module1

There seems to be no problem …-_-; ;